Beautiful Menu

TechGasp Bubble Gum Menu explodes into full page width on scroll down and sticks to the top of all pages.

Elastic and Booms into full browser width on scroll down.

Sticky and will always be visible even on huge long pages.

Fully Mobile Responsive and extremely light weighted for modern corporate web needs.

Beautifully Classy and Glossy with 2 swappable colors. Champagne White or Black Truffle.

TechGasp Bubble Gum Menu

Furious Speeds

Mind blowing Page Load Times & Times for First Byte are the pillars of TechGasp Ghost.

Experience the first wordpress micro theme built from scratch with header order, compression, combine, cache and minifying technology. Obsessed about speed.

TechGasp Ghost Speed

Gold SEO

When fast page load times, clean code and excellent blog typography elements are combined, SEO Heart of Gold is born.

Google tends to love, index and highly rank TechGasp Ghost.

TechGasp Ghost Google SEO

Awesome Multimedia

Don’t be scared by GHOST, this minimal theme was built for speed and Google SEO but all your multimedia content will look awesome and will load at furious speeds.

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Perfect Store

Clean, unobtrusive design is perfect for online wordpress stores.

TechGasp Ghost provides max efficiency revenue for your website and is WooCommerce ready.

TechGasp Ghost Responsive Shop